The Vase

Photos by Frances d’Ath


The Vase is Cie.OFEN’s interpretation of Ariel Dorfman’s play “Purgatorio”, which in turn is a modern take on Eurypides’ ancient classic “Medea”. This highly complex work presents a repetition across time, each work referencing its predecessor, up to The Vase; which draws on its own autobiographical stories of love, deceit and betrayal.

Concept & performance:
Gala Moody and Michael CarterMusic:
Sascha Budimski

Light design:
Michael Carter, Gala Moody

Cie.OFEN Management  


” ..grandiose performance of two wonderful dancers” – – Klaus Dilger (Tanzweb Wuppertal)

“You want to see work like this…  It’s a fucking hard, brave work.”  –

“The final phrase [of the performance] provides the total picture. What makes this performance even more special is that the dancers themselves were responsible for light and sound.” – Margot Croubels



Premiered 03 October 2015 at Ulti’mates Festival, Schouwburg Kortrijk (Belgium).


The creation of The Vase was supported by:

Centro Danza Canal (Esp), Compañía Nacional de Danza (Esp), Ultima Vez (Be), Leigh Warren & Dancers (Aus), RITCS Molenbeek (Be).



The Vase

Tanzweb Wuppertal  5 June 2017  5 June 2017

Opening Ulti’mates Festival  6 Oct 2015

The Vase seen from my point of view  5 Oct 2015


One Final Evolutionary Note

Whynot Festival  8 Aug 2015

Aerowaves – Springback  April 2014



Interview EAR Productions  28 July 2017

Interview – Dance Australia  24 Nov 2015

One Final Evolutionary Note – video