One Final Evolutionary Note


One Final Evolutionary Note is a take on Charles Darwins 1859 book On the Origin of the Species, and how lifeforms exist in duration, specifically through natural selection and the struggle for existence.  Seeking to devise existential and philosophical questions about the nature of our bodies as biological and political entities in this day and age.   Searching for ways in which we can represent our bodies in various forms and contexts, from a tiny atom to a universal explosion.   In duet formation, our bodies together represent one person and all people, we both represent I, a symbiotic I, a parasitic I. We are blood cells, clotting and unclotting.  Who are we when we are apart? We are not us, and not I. If we were in a life and death situation, how would we override each other non-violently? How would we represent ourselves as bodies in our political system?
Concept and performance:

Michael Carter, Gala Moody


Renato Seixas

Original lighting design:

Giacomo Gorini

“… compositional rigour and a stark, sometimes haunting beauty” – Sanjoy Roy (The Guardian)


Premiered:  27 April 2014 at Aerowaves Spring Forward festival, Norrlands Operan, Umeå (Sweden).

The creation of One Final Evolutionary Note was supported by:
Andwhatbesidesdeath Vzw (Be), Compagnia Iris (It), Centro Danza Canal (Esp), Compañía Nacional de Danza (Esp) and Danscentrum Jette (Be)



The Vase

Tanzweb Wuppertal  5 June 2017  5 June 2017

Opening Ulti’mates Festival  6 Oct 2015

The Vase seen from my point of view  5 Oct 2015


One Final Evolutionary Note

Whynot Festival  8 Aug 2015

Aerowaves – Springback  April 2014



Interview EAR Productions  28 July 2017

Interview – Dance Australia  24 Nov 2015

One Final Evolutionary Note – video