Evolution/Repetition is a a duration work spanning from 2 to 4 hours and performed in a public or site specific space. It is a meditation on the book Difference and Repetition by philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Borrowing some of the concepts and phrases from One Final Evolutionary Note which are repeated and gently mutated, this contemplative work is for the viewer to spend their time with.

Evolution/Repetition was originally created to be performed in Duden Park (Brussels, BE) and premiered at L’Incroyable Telepherique Festival in 2013.





The Vase

Tanzweb Wuppertal  5 June 2017

Supernaut.info  5 June 2017

Opening Ulti’mates Festival  6 Oct 2015

The Vase seen from my point of view  5 Oct 2015


One Final Evolutionary Note

Whynot Festival  8 Aug 2015

Aerowaves – Springback  April 2014



Interview EAR Productions  28 July 2017

Interview – Dance Australia  24 Nov 2015

One Final Evolutionary Note – video